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Chapter 2. Page 1.

Welcome to Neau.

New Pages

I have been updating Neau's official website with new pages twice a week and decided to finally post some of them here.

Check out the website for the latest pages.

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Since I missed Wednesday's page...'s a sketch of a fair goblyn lady. The goblyns of Neaunaphar are nothing like the "goblins" you are probably thinking of. :)

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Late Page

Today's page isn't going to be posted on time due to some things I've got going on this week. Sorry! I will try to get a page up tomorrow, but you'll for sure get one on Saturday (maybe two?).
Thanks for reading!

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Here we go again! I am NOT redoing these pages, again.
I am really enjoying having a regular schedule for this comic so I stay motivated to keep making them! It's really fun to create these pages and I hope you will enjoy them too as the story unfolds.

I increased the size of the comics slightly so you can see the art a little bit better. (As much as I could, anyway...)

Anyhoo, stay tuned for a new page on Saturday!

posted by dreager @ May 23rd, 2012, 2:40 pm   0 comments

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